Okay… uso I’m guessing I should start out by saying about myself…. well I’m a full time student at UCR… I guess I’m a third year, and my major is Comparative Literature.  I absolutely love to READ, hence my major, but I suck at writing…like really bad (if you cant already tell)…. and so that brings us to this BLOG… my hope is to practice my writing and well, being able to express myself (which ties in a lot with writing)… I have a hard time talking about myself, you know how I feel or what I think, etc…. unlike a stereotypical girl who likes to talk, I’m a closed book… so yeah…. I mean I dint think anyone is going to read this, but this mostly for my benefit (screw all of you :D), therefore everything that pops into my head will probably be posted….

So NOTEBOOK OF NONSENSE…I actually came up with that title in class while discussing Karl Marx’s Grundrisse… admittedly I was not able to get through the assigned reading… but as the professor explained how it wasn’t a methodical continuos narrative or argument but more of a journal or NOTEBOOK… a student then remarked that she saw it as NONSENSE… which made me think, ISN’T ALL OF OUR THOUGHTS NONSENSE…well at least to other people

Well I thi k that’s all for now… so much for not liking to express myself.. I think this is already working… cheapest therapy ever!

Until my next VOMIT of words